A day @ HOCC

Delivery and collection of children  

The sign in book must be filled in at the beginning of each session. You are required to detail the arrangements made for the collection of your children. Only the person in the nominated sign out section of the book will be permitted to collect the child on that day.
What to bring
A clearly named bag containing:
• hat (named)
• nappies
• change of clothes (named)
• comfort toy or dummy (named)
• jacket (named)
During our 3 hour sessions we have snack time. Please supply your children with a healthy snack and a drink bottle (named).
During our 5 hour sessions we have snack time and lunch time. Please supply your children with a healthy snack, nutritious lunch and a drink bottle (named).
Some of the children using our centre have restricted diets due to allergies and intolerances. In some cases the contamination of food for our young visitors can cause severe reactions. To ensure the safety of all of the children the following food items are not accepted within the centre:

  • No nuts, no peanut butter, no nutella
  • No chocolate
  • No fish
  • No egg

The centre coordinators would also like children's snack boxes to be free of lollies and soft drink. Instead they suggest whole foods including fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese, biscuits, yoghurt and sandwiches. Should you require further assistance on what to pack the carers are happy to offer ideas on what healthy snack and lunch items have proven to be popular!

Sun screen

Please also apply sunscreen to your children before you bring them to the centre. You may also supply sunscreen for the team member to apply to your children. (Due to possible allergies, we are not permitted to supply and apply our own sunscreen.) 

Your child's artwork   
The coordinators carefully plan creative activities and craft for your child to participate in, with lots of fun and interesting resources to encourage your child to create their own artwork. Many children spend considerable time and energy on the creation of their special artwork and it is important for parents and carers to remember to ask them if they have completed any craft today and to collect it from the art trolley.

Lost property
There is a lost property box in the foyer and any items not collected at the end of the session will be placed in the box. If you have clearly labelled your children's belongings it will make them easier to find.