About Us

Heidelberg Occasional Care (HOCC) is a non profit community based organisation which aims to give local families the opportunity to take a break whilst their children are nurtured in a warm, stimulating and caring environment. Our small community centre is owned by and partially funded by the Banyule council, and the remainder of our monies are raised through fees and fundraising activities generously supported by the families of HOCC.

HOCC is an accredited childcare centre and many parents may be eligible for childcare benefits and the childcare rebate. See the Membership and Fees section for further details. 

Our centre and programs are managed and delivered by qualified early childhood coordinators and well experienced carers (grandmothers and mums!), assisted by a management committee of local parents (mums and dads) whose children are both permanent and casual participants of our sessions.

Our centre delivers a variety of morning sessions in either 3 hour or 5 hour blocks which cater for children aged 6 months to 6 years, along with 3 hour afternoon sessions specifically designed for children 3-6 years who require an introduction to a structured pre-kindergarten program.

Our early childhood coordinators plan activities in support of educational needs of children of different age groups, and consider the social, emotional and physical needs at their various stages of development.

Kristal Gutierrez is the Director of HOCC and is happy to answer any queries on enrolments and to show families around the centre.

As a parent, you can leave your child at HOCC secure in the knowledge that they will be under the guidance and supervision of dedicated and qualified staff.

Our Mission Statement

Heidelberg Occasional Childcare Centre aims to create a warm family atmosphere where every child is encouraged to learn through age and stage appropriate experiences by staff providing quality interactions drawing on many professional resources by way of a well resources and interactive environment.  This is to provide the potential for the children to move confidently into their broader educational and social world.  In addition, HOCC aims to encourage parents to take an active part in their child's learning and in the running of all aspects of the centre through our parent committee. 

Management committee

The management committee of HOCC works in conjunction with the centre coordinators to formulate, implement and evaluate operations to ensure a safe, happy and financially viable operation.  
They act on behalf of the members (families) of HOCC, and are accountable to them, and they have legal responsibilities under the Associations Incorporate Act 1981 (VIC), the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (VIC) and the Cooperatives Act, 1996 (VIC).
The committee determines the goals and priorities of the centre, decides how funds are to be obtained and allocated, employs staff, and ensures that premises, equipment and supplies are adequate.
Some of the roles in our management committee are:

  • Chairperson/President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Grants

  • Secretary

  • Staff Liaison Officer

  • Newsletter Editor & Marketing

  • Fundraising Subcommittee members

  • Maintenance Subcommittee members

  • General Helpers

The committee members meet monthly and a structured agenda is sent out to all members prior to the meeting. A typical agenda includes: apologies, previous meeting minutes, business arising from last month, correspondence, reports and general business.
The committee is chosen at the HOCC annual general meeting and volunteers are expected to undertake their role responsibilities for 12 months.
What are the benefits of being management committee member? 
You gain an understanding of the ethical and legal responsibilities of a management body, develop new skills, directly participate in and improve the operations of HOCC, get to know your local families and gain a sense of satisfaction that you are promoting quality care for your child and children in your community.
Parent support
As HOCC is a not-for-profit organisation we are always looking into fundraising activities that will successfully market our centre, be enjoyable for parents to attend or participate in and, of course, raise much needed funds for the continued operation of the childcare centre.
Families are charged a $50 maintenance and fundraising fee when enrolling and are entitled to have this refunded if they help out at one Bunnings BBQ or cake stall and attend one working bee during the year. Working bees are held for two to three hours on a weekend morning four times a year. 

All monies raised through fundraising are spent directly on materials for the children, including new toys, books and craft activities. Fundraising money is not spent on any administrative activities at the centre. 

Our team of qualified early childhood coordinators and well experienced carers are rostered to work on the same day each week so they may build relationships with both you and your children to make everyone feel safe and secure. We believe that this consistency is what assists us in maintaining a settled environment and enjoyable place for everyone to visit. We encourage all parents of children visiting HOCC to approach our coordinators with any concerns or information about their children that may assist us in delivering the very best care we can. Our partnership approach has proven to be very successful.