Membership & Fees

Membership cost
All families are required to members of HOCC in order to use the centre.
An annual membership fee for 2017 is $100 and will be invoiced once enrolment has been processed. Membership fee must be paid to secure your 2017 sessions. This cost is per family and is non-refundable, should you cease using the centre at any stage throughout the year.
Members enrolling half way through the year will be required to pay a discounted membership, as too, any members joining HOCC for the 4th term will be offered a further discounted membership.
Current Fees
5 hour sessions @ HOCC are $50.00 per session.
3 hour sessions @ HOCC are $30.00 per session.

HOCC is an approved child care centre.

This means that NEITHER parents needs to meet a work/ study/ volunteer criteria to be eligible for childcare benefits. There are other criteria to be met (Please see last detailed information at the end of this handbook). Parents may also be eligible for the childcare rebate (even if you are not eligible for childcare benefits). To be eligible for the childcare rebate, parents do need to work/study/volunteer at some point during the week (at any point, not just when your child is in care) to be eligible but there is no income test applied. We ask that all parents read the information sheet at the end and strongly encourage all parents to contact Centrelink (ph.136 150, register online or visit Centrelink in Heidelberg) and register for approved care. You will need to provide us with the Customer Reference Number (CRN) and date of birth of the parent (who will pay the fees) and your child/children at HOCC.

Payment of Session Fees

Permanent Bookings:

All permanent bookings are for the whole year excluding school holidays.

If you are claiming either the child care benefit or childcare rebate, you will need to provide HOCC with your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and your date of birth, as well as the CRN and date of birth of your child. We use a software program connected to the Australian government so your rebates will be deducted automatically from your invoices and you will only need to pay the gap. (The government will pay us your entitlements directly).  You will be invoiced at the start of each term and payment is required within the month.

If you do not wish to claim any benefits, you will be invoiced once at the start of the term and can pay by credit card, depositing into our account or by cheque.

Please note that if you have a permanent booking, you will be invoiced for all sessions - there are no make ups, no concessions and no refunds. If your child is sick and you cancel you will not be refunded.

Casual Bookings:

Casual members are welcome and encouraged at HOCC. However you must fill in an enrolment form first. If you request to be put on the waitlist for a particular session we will ring as soon as someone cancels. This may be as late as the morning of the session. You can ring the centre and request a casual place in any session and if there is a space available your child may attend. 

Note that you must pay the membership fee in order to attend casually. You will be sent an invoice and we would appreciate prompt payment.

School Holidays:

HOCC offers school holiday occasional care for open ages (6 months to 6 years old). These sessions are booked and paid separately to your standard permanent or casual arrangements. The number of days will depend on the number of children booked in. An email will be sent 3-4 weeks before end of the term.  We ask families to book and pre pay for their holiday session one week before the end of term.

Permanent term bookings do not apply during the school holidays.

We are closed for the Christmas school holidays.

Should you need to cancel your child's session, for any reason (sickness, holiday, etc) you will not be refunded your permanent session payment for that day, nor will you be offered a makeup session. All permanent bookings are invoiced for the term, as you are paying to secure your weekly position.

The coordinators require notification of your cancellation. Please notify the centre as soon as possible on 9458-2962 as this enables the business to adjust its staffing levels to suit demand. An answering machine operates out of office hours, including weekends, and the messages are cleared each weekday at 8am. When leaving your message please clearly state the name of your child and which day and session they will not be attending.

Late fees
Please contact the centre as soon as possible if you are unavoidably detained and this will result in you being late to collect your child. A late fee of $8.00 per 10 minutes will apply for parents and carers who are regularly late to collect their children.

Procedure & Enrolments
Everyone must enrol at the beginning of the year even if your child/ren attended the Centre in the previous year.

Enrolments are accepted each year after a full committee is formed at the Annual General Meeting for placements for the following year and ongoing throughout the year for the current year and throughout the year.

Your child/ren can attend up to 3 times per week, but limited to 1 session per day.

A maximum of 5 places per AM session are allocated to children under 2 years of age to ensure they received the best possible attention.

You must complete an Enrolment form for each child that will be attending the centre.  

Please indicate on your enrolment form which sessions you require, either permanent or on a casual basis.  The Director will allocate places and advise you in writing.  If there are no places available you will be placed on a waitlist until a place becomes available.

Enrolments are for 2018 open in November 2017. Online enrolments can be completed here or download the following form and submit to: 


Permanent bookings & casual waitlists

Enrolment bookings for permanent placements will be confirmed if the sessions have vacancies. In the event that you do not received your preferred placement time and day, you will be offered an alternative time or day if a vacancy is available. You will also be waitlisted for your original session preference. All permanent bookings must be paid in advance.

Waitlists are available to all our members who may request additional days. However, the waitlist system is not guaranteed, and if a vacancy arises you will be generally contacted on the morning of the session.

If you have chosen a casual placement then you may pay on the day that you request the placement.
It is recommended that you speak directly with the centre coordinator when requesting changes to your permanent booking. This ensures that your request is dealt with efficiently. Please note that term bookings do not include school holidays.