Nut free policy

HOCC is a nut-free centre. No nut products (including peanut butter & nutella) are accepted.

Birthdays and food

Please note that we ask that parents DO NOT bring cakes, etc, to HOCC for birthdays. While we realise that birthdays are special occasions, we make children feel special with a play birthday cake and by singing happy birthday. Due to food allergies and our healthy eating policy, we ask that parents do not bring special food to be shared with children. If a parent does bring food into the centre, please understand that it will not be given out by staff. If a parent does wish to give out food, they will only be able to do so at the end of a session, after asking each child’s parent for permission. A full list of ingredients must be supplied as well.

Access to children policy
HOCC team members will only provide access to your children to nominated persons on your enrolment sheet. Parents must alert coordinators if their children are to be collected by someone other than themselves and must detail this on the sign in sheet. No access will be given without written authority by the parent(s).
Illness policy
If your child is unwell, we ask that you cancel their session. They will not enjoy their time at HOCC and they will spread the illness to other children. Children who are ill will be excluded until the appropriate action is taken and the required time period of infection has passed. If your child becomes unwell during the session you will be notified and asked to collect the child immediately.
Parents will also be notified if any illness or infection that their children may have come into contact with during a session via the 'notice of infection' on the main door.
Allergies policy
If your child has allergies where there are risks of anaphylaxis an appropriate action plan authorised by your child's doctor must be submitted. We request that detail be provided on the administration of medication in these circumstances. Parents are also required to provide a management plan for asthma or diabetes.
Medications policy
When medication is required parents are requested to provide the following:

  • medication in the original container with name clearly displayed by doctor / prescription
  • dosage clearly labelled
  • medication is within used by date
  • authorisation from a parent via the medication book

The staff at HOCC will only administer medication when they are confident that the prescription is for the correct child.
Please note that staff will not administer medication simply for unwell children as it is expected that ill children would not be in attendance.
Sun smart policy
At our sun smart centre all children must be provided with hats for outside play. Sunglasses are optional. On particularly hot days we will not be allowing children outside between 11am and 2pm.
All parents must apply sunscreen to their child prior to the session. Staff are happy to reapply at parent request. All children must supply their own sunscreen for reapplication.
Privacy policy
HOCC has a strict privacy policy and treats all information related to members with respect and confidentiality. Should you wish to make a private appointment with one of the coordinators to discuss any issues this can be completed away from busy session start and finish times.
Integration of children with additional needs policy
It is our aim to ensure that all children have access to HOCC and therefore we encourage children with a variety of needs to participate in our sessions. We aim to ensure that children with additional needs, as well as their family, receive the support and respect they need to develop and grow within our setting.
Emergency policy
In the event of illness or injury, a member of staff will contact the parent/guardian immediately or emergency contact person as nominated on the membership form. If necessary, in the opinion of childcare staff, emergency assistance will be sought (at the cost of the family).
Please ensure that your emergency contact details are accurate and up to date with details of emergency needs expressed on your enrolment form.
Behaviour management policy
Throughout the year our staff are available to discuss your child's behaviour and may alert you to types of behaviour they are concerned about. If we feel that these types of behaviours are hindering your child's ability to relate to others we may ask you for some feedback into your child's life outside of the centre. Often problem behaviours go away quickly due to either adjusting to new environments, people or children, other times they may persist and can cause a various problems for the child, your family and others that are using the centre. Our staff may assist you in exploring strategies to encourage positive behaviour or setting goals that we can work on together. We do this by agreeing on a development plan and discussing how we can help your child work through this positively.
Please alert the team members if your child has not been well or if you have any concerns that may effect their time during the session.
No cash policy
HOCC has a no cash policy. All payments can be made via cheque, eftpos or credit card. The centre has eftpos facilities and you are not charged for using this method of payment.